Welcome To Farasea

Created: 15 February 2023, 19:35:48 EST
Last updated: 30 April 2023, 18:39:18 EDT

Welcome to Farasea

The universe of the Ribinas


Rumors says that there is a place called Isis Cove, in the universe of Farasea, where a big, feline creatures with magical ribbons roams around.  They are named as the Ribinas. One day, a curse wiped out most of the Ribinas, leaving most of them unable to reproduce and ended up dying out. They have arrived to Earth seeking for new owners or else the species will go to extinction.
Will you take them in?


Ribina Mascot, Starra

Ribinas are a magical feline species that carries ribbons around them as it is a special counterpart of their life. They have a big fluffy tail with fur on their head and their neck. The also have claws, a big jaw, and very good eyesight. They can also hear very well despite not having actual visible ears, but the ears are there. They are very good at hunting down enemies and prey from rabbits to wolves to huge beasts. They are also very playful and likes to snuggle with others.

The ribbons hold a special power from the ancient spirits thousands of years ago. It has been passed down from a spirit named Riba, as a blessing to a new species that Riba created, which is now known as Ribinas. Whoever owns the ribbons, can control it however they wish. The ribbons are bonded with the DNA of the owner, so no other creature can control it. The power of the ribbons starts small and it expands as the owner learns how to use it.

The ribbons on the head is used for controlling the ribbon, and the ribbon that spirals around its body is the one that does the action. When used for attacks, the head ribbons float up and glows. The loose ribbon also glows and it leaves the owner to attack the enemy. It can also be used for warmth or coolness, and also a light source in dark places.

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