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Created: 30 March 2023, 21:31:06 EDT
Last updated: 28 April 2023, 22:04:33 EDT

You step into the The Breeding Cove, and see nice cozy dens. Each of them has a male Ribina inside, resting or sleeping. Some come out to take a walk or hunt. You suddenly notice a male and female walking together towards a den. They seem happy, yet excited for what's about to come. You wonder what are they up do, so you get closer and see what's going on. It turns out, they were attempting to get Raba. You give them some privacy and move on, and notice a male in the den. He seems lonely, and you realize that you could get a Ribina to breed with the male, and have your own Rabas. You rush back home, hoping to be able to use the female and breed with the male.


All males here would have a chance to have new rare traits, or any other common/uncommon traits! Maybe for special occasions, there would be special ones too.

Breeding Male Rules
1) You must have a Ribina to be able to breed with the male
2) Offer to tempt them in temporary for breeding purposes.
3) You will have the full litter with a random amount of 1-3 Rabas. They will automatically have a successful breeding section, so no need to worry about fertility.
4) Feel free to use any breeding items
5) Please read the information on the breeding section in the website
7) No backing out on offers, so please offer if you have it and you are 100% sure about the offer.
8) There is a chance I may put them up for breeding offers multiple times to give others a chance to breed. But it won't always be like that.
9) There is always a chance for me to also accept Flitters. You just have to watch out if I mention it. If I don’t, Flitters isn’t accepted.

USD, LD GB/any items, DA points
USD gets priority

Tempting Them Permanently:
After one month after the breedings, he will be available to be tempted in permanently to your side, and the winner will be the official owner. This will just be the regular OTA that the regular Ribina adopts are in.


You watch as this male step up towards you. He showed curiosity though no signs of a mate. He has a couple of rare traits, and you seem to take interest in him. Maybe you can get your Ribina to breed with him?

Read the rules and info before offering!

Check in the discord for the current breeding male!


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Starfruit Staff Member
**The Breeding Male has been posted for tempting! Good luck all!**

2023-04-12 22:31:21

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**Breeding Slots is now filled. If you want the male to be in your pride, wait for the Ribina adopt announcement in [Sales]( Thank you!**

2023-04-12 14:24:54 (Edited 2023-04-12 14:25:45)

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**I have made this into a flat breeding fee. This would be $5 or 10 GB for breeding. There will only be two slots available! Post to claim the spot! Enjoy.**

2023-04-08 10:29:43

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