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Exploration [CLOSED]
Only open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
From 8:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST
A place of exploring, where the fellow Ribinas roam around. Maybe you'd find Ribina's themselves. If you don't find any Ribinas, you'd be able to find some Flitters, a type of special flower that is used as currency for the shop.
You can only explore 3 times a day.

Newbie Locations:
The only ones that can enter are the ones who don’t have a Ribina. The fee is only  400 Flitters | $1, and there is a 20% chance you’ll find a Ribina.

Louse Morass
Swamps are full of life. From mosquitoes to frogs. Ribinas here adapted to the dull colors of the land. Better to camouflage with.

There are a lot of bugs and murky water here. The Ribinas here tend to be dull greenish or gray.


Regular Locations:
Each location costs 800 Flitters | $2.00 to enter! There is a 20% chance to find a common Ribina.

Varas Woodland
An area of abundance, both for Ribinas and plant life. The colors are vibrant and warm. To camouflage the Ribinias here have developed warm colored coats.
This is the most common habitat for the Ribinas to roam in. The Ribinas are mainly warm colored here.

Corus Cavern
Most know caves as eerie and quiet, water dripping from the walls. However the glowing eyes of those who live here can surprise you.
Some Ribinas like to lurk in the dark, like big hollow caves. The Ribinas are dark colored here.

Blurae Tides
Who doesn't like the beach, the bright sun and warm sand bring even the most nervous a sense of joy. To protect themselves from the harsh sunwaves, the Ribinas here have developed cool colored coats, to reflect as much of the harmful UV as possible!
There are Ribinas who likes to stay by the ocean. They are cool colored.


Special Locations:
These locations hold rare items and a chance for a Ribina to have rare traits. Each location cost 1400 Flitters | $3.50. There is a 20% chance you’ll find a Ribina and a guaranteed chance to get items worth 100-1000 Flitters.

Arias Peak
Mountains are known to be harsh and unforgiving. They can chill you to the bone. The Ribinas who live here are more gray and dark. A distinct color against the snow.
The mountains run high, it gets foggier and colder as you go further up. There are gray and dark colored Ribinas here.

Evoca Shoal
Sometimes confused with those from the Blurae Tides, these Ribinas live within the colorful reefs. They adapted blue coats to blend in with the water and hide from predators.
The reef comes a long way to the sea. There are blue colored Ribinas here.


Timed Locations:
These locations hold very valuable items and rare/special Ribinas. You have a guaranteed chance on getting an item worth 1000-4000 Flitters, and a 20% chance on getting a Ribina. Though, it is dangerous to enter and only a few are allowed at a time. You have to pay 2000 Flitters | $5 to enter, and you can only explore here once a day. You have to choose a Ribina to go in for you, as it is Ribina exclusive. The cost of sending your Ribina is they won't be able to breed for 10 days after exploring, and it stacks up. Better not go here if you find a breeding male in the other locations, or if you plan to breed a Ribina soon.

Desolated Cemetery
The spooky cemetery most would avoid. It holds the treasures of the deceased. The Ribinas here are monochromatic, best against the dark earth and spirits.
An old and dusty graveyard, but holds valuable items under the graves. Ribinas are black and white here.


How do I explore?
Comment below where you want to explore and what you are paying with. After I confirm, you can send the payment. 

How do I pay you by Flitters?
Transfer Currency Section

How do I pay you by USD/GB (For LD Users)?
USD: Message me on discord for more info (Account on the bottom of the page). Or you can message me on site.
GB: Send to my LD Account (Account on the bottom of the page)

Any other questions?
PM me on discord

Discord: 🌟Starfruit🍑#3341
LD: 🌟Starfruit🍑 (#171151)


Please note that from now on for explores, don't send the payment after you post. It is because KrysDraws will also be helping to handle the explores. Either one of us will post on the comment telling you to send the payment over. She has her own bases so she'll use her bases instead of mine. If you have a request on a specific staff member handling the explore (Me or Krystal), you can mention it, but it's not a guarantee you'd get them.
Thank you!


Hexy Avatar
Corus Cavern twice, one with ribina-87 & other with ribina 184 using flitters ! thats 1600 right? (cough i realise i'm late to it being closed)

2024-04-20 17:01:57

KrysDraws Avatar
Featured by Owner
**EXPLORE IS NOW CLOSED** Due to both Starfruit and myself having limited time in July, we have closed explores. No worries though, as they should open right back up in August! Keep an eye out for updates on the News Panel here! Thanks for your time! ~KrysDraws

2023-06-30 18:16:24

Yuna Avatar
can i explor the cemetary twice? using a burstle for the second time and going with skela and drackle

2023-06-30 16:15:48

KrysDraws Avatar
*You went to the Arias Peak in the morning. Along the way you found Kindler and 536 Flitters but no Ribinas. You sent your Ribinas to the Cemetery. After a long while, your Ribinas came back with wounds on their bodies. Drackle gave you Burstle and 894 Flitters. Skela gave you Roswa and 826 Flitters but no Ribinas were found. These Ribinas won't be able to breed for 10 days. The cooldown will end at 7/10/23. Better luck next time!*

2023-06-30 18:03:53

Yuna Avatar
also to the arias peak

2023-06-30 16:44:43

PishiReese Avatar
Can I explore Louse Morass one time? (Sorry I missed the announcement sent out by a few)

2023-06-30 13:43:29 (Edited 2023-06-30 14:27:38)

KrysDraws Avatar
*You went to Louse Morass in the morning. Along the way you found 198 flitters scattered around, but no Ribinas. Better luck next time!*

2023-06-30 18:05:59

KrysDraws Avatar
I can do your explore ^^

2023-06-30 15:58:01

NovasTears Avatar
NovasTears Staff Member
I'd like to explore desolate cemetery with Ribina-56 Evoca Shoal And Blurae Tides Lemme know who to send the 4200 flitters too

2023-06-30 11:54:27

KrysDraws Avatar
*You went to the Evoca Shoal in the morning, and along the way found a kindler and 632 flitters but no Ribinas. You then went to the Blurae tides and found 386 flitters scattered around but no Ribinas. You sent your Ribina to the Cemetery. After a long while, your Ribina came back with wounds on her body. She gave you Hijac Fruit and 937 Flitters but no Ribinas were found. This Ribina won't be able to breed for 10 days. The cooldown will end on 7/20/23. Better luck next time!*

2023-06-30 17:56:34

KrysDraws Avatar
:3 Ill do your explore today ^^

2023-06-30 15:57:38

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