Main Lore

One day, there was a very powerful spirit enemy named Envis. He is the enemy of Riba and they have been fighting for years to see who is the next worthy enough one to create a new species. There is not much know about the actual process, as it is sacred and confidential information. But Riba got chosen to create the new species. Envis got so mad because this is a one lifetime opportunity and he really wanted to create a new species.

When Ribinas got created, Envis got jealous. Over the years, he watched as her species widely grew. Envis kept on thinking if only he got chosen to create one, but he was told he isn't worthy enough to create a new species. As the popularity grew, Envis grew more hatred to the species and Riba. So he decided to take the matters into his own hands.

At the night of October during the full moon, his hatred turned into power to unleash a curse to Riba and the species she created. He made it so that the Ribinas needs an owner, bounded to the magic of the species. If the Ribina doesn't get an owner when they reach 10 years old, they will die. The power of the ribbons get weaker as they grow older if they don't find an owner at the time. The curse unleashed and many of the Ribinas got negativity affected by it. Since there were only spirits and creatures on earth, no one could be the owner of the Ribinas. Envis laughed in joy as he watched the population drastically decrease. Soon out, Riba found out the curse is Envis's work. They both had a huge fight, but because of the power Envis gained through the hatred he had, he was able to easily defeat Riba. Riba then was killed, because of Envis. Without Riba, the population cannot grow by creating them, they can only grow by breeding. But breeding is a problem too, as Ribinas are made to be solo creatures. They don't have mates that they can breed too, and they don't have the reproduction ability.

The Elder Gods, ones who chooses who is worthy enough to create the species, finds out soon enough, and banished Envis from the world. His power was taken away from him, but the elder gods can't take away everything. They try to reverse the effects of the curse, but it is too ingrained into the Ribinas, making the curse irreversible. Riba couldn't be revived too, so they thought the species is doomed forever. But an idea came out, they formulated a spell that makes the Ribina's breedable to populate on its own. They made the fertilly high enough to pass newborns, but that failed as a disruption occured during the spell.

They found out Envis had enough power yet to make one more curse. It conflicted with the ongoing spell to make the fertilly high enough to pass newborns. The spell ended up giving Ribinas a low chance to produce offspring without any further help. From then on, Envis has used up all his power and cannot create more curses for a long time. The elder gods then trapped Envis in a black void, where he will remain for eternity, unbreakable chains to hold his power in so he can't create more curses.

Afterwards, the elder gods created special items to help with producing more Ribina newborns and saving the species. They needed owners and bind the Ribinas to the owners. So they travel to different universes, and came to the human land. They wanted good owners to bind with the Ribinas, so they can all peacefully live and the species stays alive. But how can they find new owners? They soon finds out they people can tempt them and show they are interested in taking care of the Ribinas. They will know that the binding is complete when the ribbon circles around both the owner and the Ribina.

The search for owners then begins... Will you become the new owner for the Ribinas and help keep the species alive?