Design and MYO Rules

Created: 8 March 2023, 20:01:03 EST
Last updated: 12 June 2023, 23:02:06 EDT

1) You can only create Ribinas up to the vessel rarity and follow the general traits it has. You cannot make a rare Ribina with a common vessel. If you need an idea on what a specific trait would look like, let Starfruit know!
2) Please stick with the same species (Feral cat/feline) and don’t change it. Different subspecies have their own species that they are based off of.
3) Check the traits section to see what the traits look like!
4) Upload your art to your vessel (MYO) Slot, with proper crediting to get approved. Please chant this spell in the description box in the vessel slot.
I ask for Riba’s guidance in creating this Ribina.
To bring this Ribina to life.
To once be with me, as their sole owner
To bond and serve as my companion
Let this creature run wild
And bring them to life!
5) Please be patient while waiting for your vessel to get approved.
6) Please do not copy or heavily reference an existing design or character.
7) Check the description on the vessel to see what category traits you can use.

Vessel (MYO) Rules
1) You can use your vessel to commission a custom from someone who's not a staff member, but be sure they have access to the traits. It's not required to have a vessel for staff commissions, however they may require some form of payment which you can discuss with them personally.
2) Staff can commission a non-staff member for a custom, however they require an MYO that was bought or earned. Not one of their free ones.
3) If you commission someone for a custom using your vessel, you must credit them properly and mention you submitted a claim in the spell section with parenthesis (Like this) so you won't break the spell.
4) Please submit a claim in Submit > Submit Claim with the following if you commissioned someone with your vessel:
      a) A screenshot confirming the commission (As the URL)
      b) Artist's link (In the comments)
      c) A description of what you commissioned (In the comments)
      d) Proof of payment (In the comments)

Vessel (MYO) Trading Rules
1) You can trade your vessel at the original price. If you got a free vessel from a event or giveaway, you can only trade or giveaway them. If you brought your vessel for USD, you can resell it, but not for more then what's worth. If you brought your vessel for in-game currency/items, you can only resell for in-game currency/items

Any violation of the rules may get you reminders and strikes, or a ban from the species if necessary.