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Subtypes: Larsuku, Iniqu

Welcome to Farasea

The universe of the Ribinas


Rumors say that there is a place called Isis Cove, in the universe of Farasea, where big, feline creatures with magical ribbons roam around.  They are named as the Ribinas. One day, a curse wiped out most of the Ribinas, leaving most of them unable to reproduce and ended up dying out. They have arrived to Earth seeking for new owners or else the species will go to extinction.
Will you take them in?


Ribinas are a magical feline species carries ribbons around them as it is a special counterpart of their life. They have a big fluffy tail with fur on their head and their neck. The also have claws, a big jaw, and very good eyesight. They can also hear very well despite not having actual visible ears, but the ears are there. They are very good at hunting down enemies and prey from rabbits to wolves to huge beasts. They are also very playful and likes to snuggle with others.

The ribbons hold a special power from the ancient spirits thousands of years ago. It has been passed down from a spirit named Riba, as a blessing to a new species that Riba created, which is now known as Ribinas. Whoever owns the ribbons, can control it however they wish. The ribbons are bonded with the DNA of the owner, so no other creature can control it. The power of the ribbons starts small and it expands as the owner learns how to use it.

The ribbons on the head is used for controlling the ribbon, and the ribbon that spirals around its body is the one that does the action. When used for attacks, the head ribbons float up and glows. The loose ribbon also glows and it leaves the owner to attack the enemy. It can also be used for warmth or coolness, and also a light source in dark places.


What happens if the Ribinas don’t get a home in time?
Then they die. For adopts, if they don’t get a home within a few months in real time, then they will get weaker. If they are left without an owner within 6 months, they will die. Then they will be “frozen”, meaning you can’t breed or use them in any events that requires a Ribina and cannot be used for prompts. You can draw, get them art, and write about them, but you can’t use them for breeding and event purposes. They will practically be a “trophy” for aesthetic purposes. Frozen Adopts would be a flat-sale
Common - Minimum $8
Uncommon - Minimum $13
Rare - Minimum $18
You can trade them if you got them in a trade and sell them if you brought them for USD.

What happens if you bonded with a Ribina but after a few months, you put them up for sale/trade?
When you put them up for trade/sale, you are breaking the bond between you and your Ribina. In the lore itself, you can never get the same Ribina back anymore as they don't trust you anymore and would never bond with you again. This is only part of the lore and this isn't a rule, but it's still best to be 100% sure.

Why doesn't Ribinas have ears when they are a cat species? How can they hear?
When Riba was working on the vessels, she was mainly focusing on the body, fur, and the features. So she forgot the ears. When everything was done and well made, that's when she realized that the Ribinas are missing ears. They couldn't hear and would be considered a deaf species. There were too many vessels without ears now, and creating ears on them would be too much of a hassel. To fix the problem, their hearing is fixed due to their Ribbon magic so they won't be deaf. Then she just released the species outside to the world, just like that. No one ever noticed that the Ribinas has no ears.
In reality when Starfruit was drawing them, she just forgot to put the ears when it was released, so now the Ribinas are stuck without ears.

Time In Farasea
*Time goes by slowly compared to the modern day. The further out the universe is from our universe, the slower the time is.*
1 month in Farasea is 1 day in the modern world.
Ribina Age
*Ribinas can live for a long period of time. They can live up to 200 years, sometimes more. Though because of the curse, adults to elders are more rare.*
*When a Ribina dies, it was meant to turn into a good spirit to make its way to their new home, the cemetery. But the curse disrupted the process and now the dead spirits turned corrupted, making the cemetery dangerous to enter. The curse didn’t just cut the Ribina lives short, it also made the cemetery from a safe haven to a hazardous zone.*
This is why it's called the Desolated Cemetery.
Raba Newborn/Kit: 1 day to 7 months old
Raba Child/Adol: 8 months to 11 months old
Raba Adol/Mid-Adol: 1 to 9 years old
Ribina Young Adult: 10 to 30 years old
Ribina Adult: 31 to 69 years old
Ribina Mid-Aged Adult: 70 to 99 years old
Ribina Elder: 100 to 200 years old



Visual Trait Index

This moth is from the weekly Blessed Ribina. You can only optain them if your Ribina gets blessed by the Elder Gods and chosen by the Elifae.
They are a fuzzy moth with a bowtie on the top of the head, puffy wings and slender body. The Ribbon ends wrap around the body like the Ribina ribbon. They are genderless moths unless if they switch to a specific gender. They are attracted to light and the Ribina they bonded with. They love to be in sunny areas and around flowers, but ultimately follow the Blessed Ribina around. If two Elifaes meet, they would either get along with each other, or get a little aggressive comparing the Ribinas to see which is the better one. Often times, the Ribina themselves would have to calm them down or separate them. But if the Elifaes get along with each other, they could spend some time playing in the fields before it's time to go.

Elifae Lore:
You were extremely curious about the companion following the Ribina. Noticing your curiosity, the Elder Gods glanced at the small moth. The Ribina seemed to nod as the creature flew towards the Elder Gods. “We know these are new to you. These are Elifae, similar to what you may call moths. Each is unique, attracted to the blessed light of their Ribina. They are unique in that only a Blessed or formally Blessed Ribina will have one.” You notice that much like Ribina, the ribbons seem to wrap around the Elifae’s wings. It also looked quite soft, a very fluffy moth. “Now much like the Ribina, each one has its own traits that make it unique.” You look over and see the fluffy moth in front of your face for a few seconds before it flies back to the Ribina.  “Now, would you want your Ribina to be Blessed? Follow me and I’ll give you the chance.”

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