The Blessed Zone

Created: 1 April 2023, 18:45:00 EDT
Last updated: 8 April 2023, 14:53:24 EDT
You notice an otherworldly presence has come to earth, with a Ribina not far behind them. They look to you, as you notice a small moth close to the Ribinas head. The Elder Gods smile at you, revealing a vision of a mystical place. It seems to be filled with a light which you imagine is warm. “We have come to show you a place which may be of interest. We call this place the Blessed Zone. Once a week, we shall grant a Ribina our blessing. You will know whom we have blessed by the companion that will follow them from then on.” The Elder Gods gesture to the small moth above the Ribina from before. “We hope our blessing will bring the Ribina love for that week, more focused than normally. Perhaps this will be of help to them.” You look with interest towards the small creature. “This small moth would do all that?” The Elder Gods glances at you. “Of course we will offer a reward to those that celebrate this Ribina. Though it may not be the same day to day.” The temptation of the reward seems to peak your interest even more. “So will you celebrate this Ribina? You know that whoever is chosen with this blessing is lucky. Plus don’t you want to have your own Ribina blessed as well?”

The Blessed Zone hosts a weekly prompt celebrating the Blessed Ribina! During this week, users may submit artwork or writing for the Blessed Ribina!
This is limited to two pieces during the week!
Rewards are determined daily at 12:00 PM EST. It can range from 500-3000 Flitters. Only 1 piece per day.
For this event, users will submit their Ribinas to the moderators through this form:

This form opens at Monday at 8:00 PM EST through Friday 8:00 PM EST, the chosen Ribina owner would be PMed on Friday/Saturday. After the chosen one is confirmed, the other applications will be deleted and you'll have to reapply again. Remember to save your info so you don't have to rewrite your responses every week and can copy/paste instead.

General Rules

1) You may only submit one Ribina per week.
2) The TOTAL amount of submittable work per participant is two. You may mix and match writing and artwork!
3) To qualify for Blessed Ribina again you must wait the grace period before resubmitting.
4) The grace period is four weeks before you may submit a Ribina again.
5) If you submit your artwork in the Discord Server; you may still submit to the gallery on the website, but you will only receive the reward once per piece.
6) Price updates are done in the Discord Server, lioden, and website for ease of access.

Art Rules

1) You can only submit 2 art pieces during the week as long as you don't have any other art pieces.
2) These pieces MUST be on separate days. These days are determined by the rollover of the Flitters.
3) The art accepted cannot be sketches, monochrome, or based work. These are rarely accepted for prompts or events. Accepted works are as follows;
   - Busts
   - Halfbodies
   - Fullbodies
   - Chibis
   - Sceneries
4) Submit all entries in #blessed-art-entries in the discord with your site name and your preferred method of crediting

Writing Rules

1) You can only submit 2 written pieces during the week as long as you don't have any other art pieces.
2) These pieces MUST be on separate days. These days are determined by the rollover of the Flitters.
3) All pieces submitted must be AT MINIMUM 300 Words. The word count DOES NOT INCLUDE;
   - Signatures
   - Titles
   - Paragraph Dividers
4) Writing accepted must meet the applicable word count. Any writing under the word count will not be considered.
5) Submit all entries in #blessed-writing-entries in the discord with your site name and your preferred method of crediting

Rewards for The Blessed Ribina

1) A unique role @The Blessed Ribina in the discord for the week
2) A unique companion for the Ribina - Elifae (Blessed Moth)
3) Boosted chance (+10%) to find a Ribina in explore for the week 4) Free art/writing from the fellow community (The best part)! :D 

Elifae Lore:
You were extremely curious about the companion following the Ribina. Noticing your curiosity, the Elder Gods glanced at the small moth. The Ribina seemed to nod as the creature flew towards the Elder Gods. “We know these are new to you. These are Elifae, similar to what you may call moths. Each is unique, attracted to the blessed light of their Ribina. They are unique in that only a Blessed or formally Blessed Ribina will have one.” You notice that much like Ribina, the ribbons seem to wrap around the Elifae’s wings. It also looked quite soft, a very fluffy moth. “Now much like the Ribina, each one has its own traits that make it unique.” You look over and see the fluffy moth in front of your face for a few seconds before it flies back to the Ribina. “Now, would you want your Ribina to be Blessed? Follow me and I’ll give you the chance.”

Elifae Rules:
1) The Elifae is bounded to the Ribina because they have chosen your Ribina, meaning you cannot sell/trade/gift the Eilfae.
2) If you want to sell/trade/gift your Ribina and it is bounded to an Elifae, the Elifae will follow the Ribina. If you have a TH for both the Ribina and the Elifae, you have to transfer them together. Refusal to do so may result in a ban from participating in The Blessed Zone again.
3) If for any reason, you don't want your Elifae anymore, you can give them back to Starfruit , just PM her! This action is permanent as it breaks the bind between the Ribina and Elifae. The Elifae will choose another Blessed Ribina in the next few weeks. The Elifae may stumble upon the same Ribina and bind with them again. 
Elifae Info:
They are a fuzzy moth with a bowtie on the top of the head, puffy wings and slender body. The Ribbon ends wrap around the body like the Ribina ribbon. They are genderless moths unless if they switch to a specific gender. They are attracted to light and the Ribina they bonded with. They love to be in sunny areas and around flowers, but ultimately follow the Blessed Ribina around. If two Elifaes meet, they would either get along with each other, or get a little aggressive comparing the Ribinas to see which is the better one. Often times, the Ribina themselves would have to calm them down or separate them. But if the Elifaes get along with each other, they could spend some time playing in the fields before it's time to go.