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Legend speaks of Isis Cove in the vast universe of Farasea, a realm where majestic feline beings known as Ribinas once roamed with magical ribbons.

Unfortunately, a curse befell them, causing a decline in their numbers, rendering most unable to reproduce, and leading to their eventual demise. Now, seeking refuge on Earth, the surviving Ribinas are in search of new caretakers to prevent their species from fading into extinction.

The question arises: will you be the one to take them in and become a guardian of these mystical creatures?

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What Are Ribinas?

Ribinas, a magical feline species, is defined by its connection with ribbons. These creatures have a fluffy tail, fur on their head and neck, and surprising instincts despite no visible ears. Equipped with claws and keen eyesight, Ribinas excel in tracking and hunting various creatures. They're not just skilled predators; they're also playful, enjoying moments of snuggling with others.

The ribbons they carry hold a special power from ancient spirits, bestowed by Riba. These ribbons are tied to the owner's DNA, granting exclusive control. The power grows as the owner learns to use it, with head ribbons for control and a spiraling body ribbon for action. In confrontations, the head ribbons glow, and the trailing ribbon detaches to engage adversaries. Beyond combat, the ribbons offer practical uses like warmth, coolness, and illumination in the dark.

Yet, the significance of these ribbons extends beyond combat. They offer practical applications, providing warmth, coolness, and acting as a versatile tool for illumination in dark settings. The story of Ribinas unfolds as a rich tapestry of both magical prowess and practical utility, making them a fascinating and complete fantastical species.

Other Info

Ribinas came to life in June 2022 as a regular exploration adopt species on Lioden by Starfruit. However, my interest in them grew, and I decided to expand beyond Lioden.

As Ribinas evolved, I explored new ideas and shared them across different platforms. People got interested, and this encouraged me to develop their story and unique traits.

From a simple Lioden species, Ribinas turned into a creative project that has gained its own identity in online communities.

How Do I Help Save The Ribinas?

Discover a world of wonder and magic by joining the vibrant community of Isis Cove, where majestic Ribinas roam with their mystical ribbons. As a member of this exclusive community, you have the unique opportunity to play a vital role in preserving the Ribinas' population and ensuring their continued existence. By joining our community and welcoming the Ribinas into your life, you contribute to the conservation efforts and help maintain the delicate balance of nature.

Create an account today and become part of our thriving community. Don't miss out on this chance to make a difference and forge a special bond with these enchanting creatures.

Ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Join our Discord server and website to get started and become a cherished guardian of the Ribinas. Your presence is eagerly awaited – the Ribinas need you!

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