Sale Rules

Created: 16 May 2024, 20:57:56 EDT
Last updated: 16 May 2024, 20:58:08 EDT

1) There is a 7 day trading cooldown when you sell your Ribina
2) Please don't sell for more then the Ribina's worth unless if there is extra art added on. If you buy a Ribina with in-game currency, they are only able to be sold for in-game currency. If you buy a Ribina with money, they can be sold for in-game currency or money.
- The only exception to selling for money when you only got from trading it is when it has at least one extra paid art piece with real money or two quality pieces you drew of the Ribina (No lazy doodles/sketches/etc).
3) After you sell your Ribina, the new owner has to buy a Kindler from Explore Market (100 Flitters), to rekindle the connection because of the severed bond from the previous owner to be able to use the Ribina to participate in events, etc again.
4) If you used a Ribina Vessel to create your Ribina, you can sell it for USD or trade it

Additional Note:
When you put them up for trade/sale, you are breaking the bond between you and your Ribina. In the lore itself, you can never get the same Ribina back anymore as they don't trust you anymore and would never bond with you again. This is only part of the lore and this isn't a rule, but it's still best to be 100% sure.

You agree to these rules when you sell/trade your Ribina.