Draw The Ribina Above You

Created: 3 June 2024, 15:08:33 EDT
Last updated: 5 June 2024, 14:16:01 EDT
You arrive at a bustling gathering where several individuals are creating sketches of Ribinas. Intrigued, you approach, eager to understand the activity. It dawns on you—they're drawing Ribinas. Excited by the prospect, you join in, drawn by the camaraderie and creative energy.
Amidst the crowd, you spot the Elder Gods presiding over the event. Intrigued, you venture closer, curious about their role in this artistic endeavor. Nearby, you notice informational signs outlining the guidelines and regulations of the game. Intrigued, you decide to peruse them before immersing yourself in the activity.
Welcome to the Ribina gifting thread—an opportunity to share and receive art featuring Ribinas. Upon completing your masterpiece, you'll be rewarded with 200 Flitters as a token of appreciation for your participation.

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1) BE respectful.
2) If you have a problem, please message the user privately. If the situation is bad, submit a Report. Please don’t mini-mod by posting on the thread, it will only create more problems and confusion. Give us time so we can handle the situation peacefully.
3) List what you gift. If you gifted a fullbody to a user, write it in your post. Don't write "gifting surprise" or not write anything. Write what you have gifted down.
4) No Sandwich Posting "User 1, User 2, User 1" This will make it more fair, so everyone can gift each other more often instead of seeing two people gifting each other constantly.
5) You have to draw the Ribina above you.
6) You can’t use it only for your own gain like gifting a doodle and expect someone to gift you a scenery. Give like a headshot and if someone gifts you a scenery, that's completely fine.
7) You have a month to finish the artwork and link it in your post. If you need more time, make sure to let the user know. For any users hat haven't recieved a respond within the month and never gotten their artwork, please submit a Report
8) You cannot claim anyone elses until youve finished the previous claim.
9) Please do not use bases and don't steal or trace art. 

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[Write what you are drawing for the user above]

Ribina (Max 2 Ribinas for people to choose from):
Description (Likes/Dislikes/Personalities/etc): 
Preferred Art (Doodle/Headshot/Halfbody/Fullbody/Scenery/etc):
What's ok/not ok (Blood/Gore/etc):
Other Info (Poses/Expressions/etc):

Status (Not Started/Started/Finished): 
Finished Art Link (For when you finish within a month): 

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Gifting Instructions

Use the info in the form the user provided and start drawing the Ribina. You can message the user with any questions and more info. After you are done, message the user and send the the full resolution link. Then edit your post with the link with a watermark/signature or lower resolution to prevent art theft. 

Please then submit a claim with your comment link, the user's comment link above you (🔗symbol on the right of the comment), and the link of your artwork. Under "Rewards" section, add 200 Flitters as the currency you want to claim. Then press "Submit" and wait for a staff member to approve and grant the Flitters.

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The admins and mods will be moderating the thread.
If you break a rule, you will recieve a warning through the mod mail.

If you break too many rules, you may get banned from the thread and even have limitations in the species, including other games/events.

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Thank you all have fun gifting!


RaineWhispers Avatar

 Jasper is a strong-willed Larsuku with a heart of gold. She enjoys laying in the sun and running around on sunny days, she seems to have an almost endless amount of firey energy!

Preferred Art: Any

- Happy/fierce art
- Clothes/Jewelry/Accessories
- Sad art
- Gore

Misc: Have fun!

Sparkling Water
 Sparkling Water is anxious but very curious, she's very introverted but she does her best to make friends. She enjoys colder weather because she loves to bundle up with a warm cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate.

Preferred Art: Fullbody

- Anxious/Comfy art
- Comfy clothing/Accessories
- Gore

Misc: Have fun!

Drawing: Ignis
Status: Not started
Finished Art Link: N/A

2024-06-06 20:28:35

Mortician Avatar

Ribina (2 Max_Ribina Links):



Description (Likes/Dislikes/Personalities/etc):  Ignis has a fiery personality, has strong loyalty and passion to protect others. Seafoam Star is a playful child that lightens up everyones mood with her bubbly personality and she loves playing in water or looking up at the moon.
Preferred Art (Doodle/Headshot/Halfbody/Fullbody/Scenery/etc): Any if fine with me
What's ok/not ok (Blood/Gore/etc): Gore is alright with Ignis, it's not for Seafoam Star
Other Info (Poses/Expressions/etc): Feel free to choose

Status (Not Started/Started/Finished): Finished a halfbody drawing of Lilith and sent Unwatermarked Version :>
Finished Art Link (For when you finish within a month):


2024-06-05 17:42:40 (Edited 2024-06-05 22:23:33)

NovasTears Avatar
NovasTears Staff Member

Ribina (Max 2 Ribinas for people to choose from):  https://ribinarescue.com/character/Ribina-21 https://ribinarescue.com/character/Ribina-174 
Description (Likes/Dislikes/Personalities/etc): Ribina 21- She loves to play around and swim

Lilith- a angry girl with not a lot of love for things! She plays pranks; shes bites first and asks questions later lol
Preferred Art (Doodle/Headshot/Halfbody/Fullbody/Scenery/etc): Uhh any! 
What's ok/not ok (Blood/Gore/etc): Gore is okay for lilith but not for raya 
Other Info (Poses/Expressions/etc): Have fun :3


I hope to draw some of your guy's later!

2024-06-05 14:41:53

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