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Created: 3 June 2024, 15:09:10 EDT
Last updated: 5 June 2024, 14:30:15 EDT
You find yourself amidst a bustling crowd, each person holding various items, currency, and more. Their exchanges fuel your curiosity, drawing you closer to investigate. It becomes apparent that this gathering is centered around a gifting activity, as evident from the genuine expressions of joy shared among the participants.

It appears that the Elder Gods are overseeing the proceedings. A few of them stand nearby, taking on the roles of moderators, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and everyone adheres to the guidelines. As you observe, you notice signs placed nearby, detailing the rules and information governing this engaging event.

Welcome to the gifting thread dedicated to all things Ribina-related! Here, participants have the opportunity to exchange a wide array of Ribina-related assets, including but not limited to Flitters, items, Vessels, Ribina art, and of course, Ribinas themselves.

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1) BE respectful.
2) If you have a problem, please message the user privately. If the situation is bad, submit a Report. Please don’t mini-mod by posting on the thread, it will only create more problems and confusion. Give us time so we can handle the situation peacefully.
3) List what you gift. If you gifted Flitters to a user, write it in your post. Don't write "gifting surprise" or not write anything. Write what you have gifted down.
4) Include easy items so that newbies can gift you. This means that people that are new can also gift you and get gifted back.
5) You don’t have to gift the things on the wishlist, but the wishlist allows for people to gift what you preferred to get. The items are for FREE, and you should appreciate whatever you get.  It's a "free for all" gifting thread, where anyone can gift any amount of valued gifts to you guys.
6) No Sandwich Posting "User 1, User 2, User 1" This will make it more fair, so everyone can gift each other more often instead of seeing two people gifting each other constantly.
7) You have to gift the person above you.
8) You can’t use it only for your own gain like gifting 1 Flitter and expect someone to give you a Hijac fruit. Give like 100 Flitters and if someone gifts you on the hard list, that's completely fine.

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Wishlist Examples
Easy Examples:
Doodle or Flat headshot/halfbody/Fullbody Art
Equal or Less Then:
  • 2k Flitters
  • 2k Flitters worth of items
  • 300 words of writing
  • 200 Panavi
Hard Examples:
Ribina Vessels
Custom Ribinas
Fully Rendered or Shaded Art
More Then:
  • 2k Flitters
  • 2k Flitters worth of items
  • 300 words of writing
  • 200 Panavi

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Gifting Instructions

Gifting Currency:
Go to your bank and In "Transfer Currency", choose the user, quantity, and currency. Then press "Submit".

Gifting Items:
Go to your inventory and click on the item you want to gift. In "Transfer Item", choose the user then press "Transfer".

Gifting Ribinas:
Go to your characters and click on the Ribina you want to gift. In "Transfer" under Settings Sidebar, choose the user, and write down the reason. Then press "Send Transfer".

Gifting Art/Custom/Writing:
Message the user and ask them which Ribina they want drawn/written and the details/info. Please know that there is a month for you to finish the artwork. If you need more time, make sure to let the user know. For any users hat haven't recieved a respond within the month and never gotten their artwork, please submit a Report.

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The admins and mods will be moderating the thread.
If you break a rule, you will recieve a warning through the mod mail.

If you break too many rules, you may get banned from the thread and even have limitations in the species, including other games/events.

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Thank you all have fun gifting!


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Comment deleted

2024-06-06 11:22:48 (Deleted 2024-06-06 11:23:11)

Starfruit Avatar
Starfruit Staff Member

Gifting 900 Flitters

Flat Headshot/Halfbody/Fullbody Art 

Lime Juice
Shaded/rendered Art

2024-06-06 11:22:47

Mortician Avatar

Gifting to Frosts, doodles of Mochi

Easy: Doodle, Flat Headshot, 900 flitters

Hard: Custom (for my common vessel), shaded art

2024-06-06 03:25:17

Frosts-world Avatar

Easy: fritters or doodles of mochi!

Hard:riba vessel or breeding items :D

2024-06-05 15:55:36

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