[OPEN] Orbit's Source | 6/1/24 - 6/30/24

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Orbit’s Source - June Event

6/1/24 at 12:00 PM EST - 6/30/24 at 11:59 PM EST

This is the third big event where we explore the lore and history of the Orbit’s Lair! It will introduce a new spirit, who lies in the Orbit’s Lair.

General Info
Panavi is the event currency. You will be receiving Panavi for the duration of the event. Any extra leftovers will be converted to Flitters. 
1 Panavi = 2 Flitters
1) You must have a Ribina site account to participate in the event.
2) For prompts, please use Starra, the mascot, as the Ribina if you don't have your own Ribina
3) You are allowed to trade your event items for Flitters/art/etc but not real money. You are not allowed to trade Flitters for Panavi and vice versa.
4) Failure to follow the rules may result in a timeout or ban from future events.

Meet Dareth, a servant for the Orbit’s Pearl! 

Dareth's journey took an unexpected turn when he transitioned from being a Ribina to becoming a servant of the Orbit’s Pearl. This transformation not only granted him the powers of Orbit’s knowledge and magic, but also offered him a newfound purpose within the Lair. Despite his humble origins, Dareth now plays a crucial role in the intricate workings of the Orbit’s Lair, fulfilling tasks assigned to him by the Pearl.

However, his newfound responsibilities come with a grave condition: absolute secrecy. Dareth is bound by a strict code of confidentiality, where even the slightest whisper of his duties could spell his exile from Isis Cove. Thus, he navigates his daily life with caution, always mindful of the consequences should he falter.

Though the allure of his past life as a Ribina lingers, Dareth finds himself immersed in his present existence, his memories of his former self gradually fading into obscurity. While the ability to transform back into a Ribina remains within his grasp, the path to this transformation eludes him. It leaves him tethered to the service of the Orbit’s Pearl as his past slips further from his grasp.

New additions include:

- 19 Traits and 9 Items
- 1 Daily and 3 Wheels
- 3 Event Prompts
- New Orbit’s Lair History Lore
- New World Language
- New Shop
- Breedings
- Enchanted Ribina Raffle
- And so much more!

To see the new traits and items, go to the following links:
Click HERE for the Ribina Traits
Click HERE for the Ribina Items

World Language

This is the official language of the species named Fariae.
There are Capital and Lowercase letters, even numbers and some punctuation marks!

Dareth's Cave

New traits equals new shop! Dareth is selling items to give your Ribinas a little makeover!
Click HERE to go to the shop


It’s breeding season time! For the next month, it’s your chance to breed your Ribinas! We’ve revamped our breeding system—it’s now MYO Slot-based instead of staff-based like before. Note that not all items will be compatible with the new system, so double-check which ones can be used. If you have items that don’t work, please submit a ticket on our Discord server or make a claim on the site so our staff can manually roll them and create the MYO slot for you.
Stocking up on breeding items is crucial now more than ever! Let’s bring more Ribinas into the world with this update.

Click HERE for the Breeding Rules and Info
Click HERE to submit a claim

Daily and Wheels

We're introducing a new daily feature along with three wheels! Each of them carries its own set of costs, risks, and rewards. Care to take a chance? It never hurts to try.
So…Are you going to play?

Daily Rewards
No Flitters Cost - Claim Daily
Feeling like you want more rewards?
Log in every day for two weeks to claim escalating rewards! Earn Flitters, Panavi, Trait/Breeding items, and even Ribina Vessels!
Click HERE to play

Spirit Wheel
500 Flitters Cost - Roll Daily
Feeling like playing safe?
Maximize your chances of scoring a generous amount of Flitters and Panavi, with a rare chance of a Ribina Vessel!
Click HERE to play

Fabled Wheel
2000 Flitters Cost - Roll Weekly
Feeling nice and strong? 
Well, for the month of breeding season, you’re in luck! 
Take a shot at the chance to snag breeding items at a discounted rate, trait items, or even rare Ribina Vessels if luck is on your side! However, you might land on Flitters and get up to double the amount you spend.
Click HERE to play

Dareth's Wheel
1000 Flitters Cost - Roll Weekly
Feeling lucky and want to take a little gamble?
You may WIN BIG or LOSE BIG in this wheel of luck! You can gain Flitters and Panavi, and even for a rare chance on getting Trait/Breeding Items or Ribina Vessels! The only hints you'll get are the colors of the wheel segments. The suspense builds as you won't know your fate until the wheel stops spinning.
Click HERE to play

Event Prompts

There are 3 event prompts to do, each unlocks a piece of the lore on its own. It also rewards you Panavi. After finishing the three prompts, you earn a free ticket to join the Enchanted Ribina Raffle and obtain a recipe to craft additional tickets for 300 Panavi each.  
Click HERE to go to prompts

Enchanted Ribina Raffle

ML Link: Ribina-212

An Enchanted Ribina will be available for a raffle. Earn a free ticket by completing the event prompts and obtain a recipe to craft additional tickets for 300 Panavi each. Craft as many tickets as you wish and use them to enter the raffle multiple times, increasing your chances of winning.

Click HERE to go to the raffle
Click HERE to go to crafting

Art Rewards

Headshot/bust: 100 Panavi
Halfbody: 150 Panavi
Fullbody: 200 Panavi
Shading: +50 Panavi
Simple Scenery: +50 Panavi
Complex Scenery: +80 to +150 Panavi

Writing Rewards

500 Words : 100 Panavi
1000 Words: 150 Panavi
1500 Words: 200 Panavi
2000 Words: 250 Panavi



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